Executive Gravitas

Presence that Displays C-Suite Readiness

Every great leader has something in common, gravitas. The result of combined variables signals to the world that you’re the real deal, a heavyweight in your field and in your organization, someone worthy of being heard and followed.

Your Leadership traits and influence; how you act. Your Communication style- how you exchange information. Image and appearance; how you carry yourself. This Protocol favorite is a course that offers a deeper look at what gravitas is, why it’s so important to how you are perceived as a leader in addition how to improve that perception.

According to research, senior executives say that gravitas is a very important component of executive presence, accounting for 67%. Like it or not, a big part of leadership is in how you show up. Clearly, your content, work ethic, and intellect are critical - but these are table stakes to make it into executive leadership.

If you want to be perceived as a leader, it could be important for you to have gravitas!

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