Finesse the Business Meal

Savvy dining skills play a major role in business and in your personal and professional image. Do you 'represent', yourself, your company, your organization, your brand, whether as a host or a guest, with the understanding of the nuances of how to show up with excellence for a fine dining experience?

Well, What If...

...You Have Earned the Last Interview Which is Over a Meal?

  • You must focus on the interview and not which fork to use.

... You Landed That Meeting with a Prospective Client?

  • You must demonstrate you know the rules of engagement for business - that's Protocol.

...You Are Going A Gala With The Big Wigs In Your Company?

  • You must be knowledgeable, impressive, and confident.


The Art of Fine Dining

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"I want you to know that you are so on point with your protocol and etiquette training. I loved everything I learned and I found it very refreshing. On the other hand, I have to also say that it sometimes amazes me that I am still learning proper protocol!!"

– Alex Mitchell

"Thank you for touching upon an area that seems to have been totally lost with our younger generations – I do hope that these tips are reaching them as well.  I try and share particularly with those on my staff who might benefit from your teachings."

– Emma Fabella

"Keep up the great work and making a difference in the lives of many professionals – you are a blessing and an inspiration to many!"

– Nancy Laurin

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