The Protocol Academy

"To play the game, you must know the rules.
To win, you must know Protocol."

Protocol Academy is an online academy filled with courses that share our best-selling global strategies to accelerate your personal and professional growth. We deliver transformative training and coaching for today’s executives and tomorrow’s leaders.

Protocol International is a global consulting firm focusing on professional behavior, interpersonal skills and business development

Our expertise is developing programs on international protocol, cultural awareness, business etiquette and image training that prepares professionals with the critical behaviors necessary to build lasting business relationships and add value to their businesses and organization.

We work with corporate executives, athletes, colleges and universities, professional organizations, international clients and more to provide helpful coaching, education, and workshops that focus on empowering skills like domestic and international business protocol and corporate etiquette, networking, dining skills, and professional image strategies.

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Full Name, Role

Your Instructor is:
Cheryl Walker-Robertson

Cheryl B. Walker-Robertson is a certified international protocol and etiquette expert. She has helped her clients learn to be more confident, courteous and strategic in business and social situations.

Considered a thought leader in her field, Ms. Walker-Robertson is a contributing writer to various trade and business publications and serves as the protocol expert for several organizations, blogs, podcasts and webinars. She also appears monthly on NBC 40, a widely watched television news program.

Ms. Walker-Robertson is Founder and Chief Protocol Officer of Protocol International, a professional protocol, etiquette, and business development consulting firm. For more than a decade, Protocol International has provided communication and leadership training programs, keynotes, and executive coaching to Fortune 500 companies, universities and national conferences.